How much do wedding flowers cost?

You may have been following me for a while, thank you. I am going to talk about the cost of wedding flowers. Before you enquire for your wedding flowers write down a list of your non-negotiable essentials and wish list items. Your non-negotiable list may include your bridal bouquet, buttonholes, bridesmaids bouquets, ceremony flowers, table centres for the reception high centrepieces or low centrepieces, thank you bouquets. Your wish list items may be a floral-filled fireplace, flower columns, hanging floral hoops, floral arch etc.

As a general rule, the flower spend is usually around 10% of the final figure of the wedding. Some couples will spend less, some will DIY and some spend more if florals are a big deal to them.

Once you have your lists and you have had a chat with your partner about your expectations and wish list you can get in contact with me or the florist of your choice. Check their website, social media, testimonials to see if they can take your vision, run with it and that you will be happy with the flowers you are going to get for your wedding.

Contact a florist if you have an idea of how much you want to spend. Some florists will put prices on their websites, some do not. I for one do not as every wedding is bespoke to each and every couple. I have a starting from the price if any couple is interested in my services.

After a consultation with your florist, they will provide a proposal based on the consultation. Bear in mind the proposal can be amended to reflect changes to the design. If your florist has sent you a high proposal, speak to them and give them a chance to rework the proposal to omit some items. If the quote is very low it does not always mean good value. Your proposal should list all items individually for clarity to the florist and the couple.

Your proposal will always have set up fees, next day or midnight breakdown/clear down fees, some venues insist on deflowering the venue at midnight after the wedding and some venues the morning after the wedding, labour, travel etc. All these costs add up to your proposal. Couples are always surprised and always wonder why wedding flowers cost much more than supermarket flowers. A lot goes into your wedding flowers than you think.

Some of the reasons that make wedding flowers cost more, putting together proposals, consultations, floral design , it can take a week from flower preparation to the wedding day and labour .

The actual cost of a wedding bouquet differs with areas in the UK. Trailing ones starting price is £130 and the hand tied starts at £80. I tend to use different flowers in the bride’s bouquet to make it more special. Each and every bridal bouquet is bespoke.

I hope this information will help you in your wedding flower planning and understanding wedding florists and value behind their skills.

Blog Writer: Kate
Kate Wren Flowers
Photographer : Natalie Stevenson Photography